Pixel 2 Official Stock Wallpaper

Google is all set to officially launch its 2017 flagship devices the Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2 at a huge event in a few hours. But as we all know almost everything about the devices including their specifications and how they look have been leaked online already.

So, basically there is nothing to be excited about the design of the Pixel 2 or the Pixel XL 2 or what kind of things they come with. However, in a recent leak of the Pixel 2 render by Evan Blass, a new wallpaper and a home screen layout was spotted on both the devices.

We have already shared a post on how to get the exact same look of the leaked Pixel 2 launcher on any Android phone using Nova launcher, everyone were asking for the Wallpaper more than the setup itself.

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So, here is the Pixel 2 official stock wallpaper for download in the best possible resolution available.

Pixel 2 Official Stock Wallpaper

Google Pixel 2 Official Stock Wallpaper Download

You can grab the wallpaper from the Google Photos Shareable link here and you can also join the image if you wish to share it with your friends. The wallpaper is of QHD+ resolution which is the default resolution of the Google Pixel XL 2 at 1440 x 2880 with a tall aspect ratio of 18:9 aspect ratio.

But don’t worry it has been scaled down and it might fit on your device’s screen perfectly.

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With only a few hours left until the launch of the Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2 devices, we are as excited as you are. Stay tuned and come back for a detailed coverage on the devices as soon as they are ‘Officially’ launched.

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