Download Whatsapp Business App : We have earlier shared a post stating that a Whatsapp Business version is on the way and Whatsapp is currently testing the features of it in the Primary version of the app with verified accounts and business profiles of popular companies and people.

It seems now that Whatsapp has taken things further more by introducing a new standalone app called the Whatsapp Business. This app has not yet been made publicly available and even if you download Whatsapp Business app and install it on your device using the APK file, you have to be accepted into the training program to use the app.

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However, Android Police got a source where someone who was accepted for the Whatsapp Business beta program has shared the screenshots of the app with them. The app looks very familiar to the normal Whatsapp app with a few minor changes to the settings page.

You can now add the location, description and the website of your Business along with your name and profile picture like you normally do in the Whatsapp Business app. The app also comes with a Business statistics setting where you can view the number of messages sent and received.

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download whatsapp business

Other noticeable features of the Whatsapp Business app include the option to choose the category of your business from an extensive list, send personalized automated messages to your customers when you are not online and a few other changes.

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download whatsapp business

On the user front, if you are trying to contact a business or a popular personality using the Whatsapp Business app, the app will display that you are interacting with a business account and whether the account is verified or not.

download whatsapp business

The app also comes with an end to end encryption support for the messages just like the normal Whatsapp app and you can view the profile of anyone using their number and along with their name, you can now also see their business name, description, location and website.

Download Whatsapp Business App APK

If you want to download Whatsapp Business app and try it out right now on your Android device, you have to first sign up as a tester using this link. Once you are included in the test program, you can download the APK file from the below link and start using the app just like the normal Whatsapp app.

What do you think about the Whatsapp Business app? Would it be useful for people who use Whatsapp to chat with both personal and private contacts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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