How To Use Live Location on Whatsapp to track people

Now you can track anyone!

live location

Whatsapp was rumoured to add the live location sharing feature to its app for a long time now and following a beta release to select users, the live location feature is finally live now in Whatsapp for all users.

Starting from Whatsapp version 2.17.387 users can now share their location with their contacts or to groups directly from within the app. Previously this feature was available in Google maps and users can share their current location link to their contacts.

However, the new live location feature in Whatsapp is said to be more accurate and it also provides more control to the users like enabling or disabling at any time they want or to share their live location only for a limited amount of time.

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This new feature might prove useful to the billions of Whatsapp users in a many ways like ensuring that their close relatives are safe by tracking their location in real time. Guiding someone to reach an unknown meeting place etc.

Whatsapp is now rolling out this live location feature to its users and since a lot of people are using Whatsapp across the world, it might take some time before it reaches everyone out there. If you want to try this feature right now, you can manually update your Whatsapp by downloading the latest APK from here.

Once you have updated Whatsapp to the version mentioned above or to a newer version, follow the below steps to share your live location to your contacts.

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How To Share Your Live Location To Whatsapp Contacts

Step 1:

Open Whatsapp and then open the conversation of the person to whom you want to share your live location with.

Step 2:

Now click on the attachment icon at the bottom of the app and then select location.

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live location

Step 3:

The app will now ask you to provide permission to detect your current location and to turn on the GPS on your phone. Proceed by switching on the GPS from your device settings.

Step 4:

Now just select the Share live location option and the app will ask you for how long you wish to share your location. Just select the option based on your situation. You can also add a comment optionally.

live location

Step 5:

Hit send when you are done and your location will now be shared to the contact you selected. You can stop sharing your location at any time you want and the person will no longer be able to track you.

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What do you think about this new live location feature on Whatsapp? Do you think that your privacy is at stake here or Whatsapp is constantly tracking your every movement?

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