Google Files Go Secret File Manager Of Google Leaked

See ya file manager apps which places ads on my lock screen!

Google files go

Back in the Gingerbread days and till the Kitkat days Android phones used to have a separate app called file manager where the users could easily find and use files of different types like images, videos and music files. But for some reason, Google decided to remove the distinctive app from the Android phones since Lollipop.

However, Google has decided again to bring a file manager app back to Android, this time a lighter and a feature version named Files Go. Files Go is the new file manager app currently being developed by Google and unfortunately a working version of the app has been uploaded to the Google Play Store.

While Google was quick enough to take down the app from the Play Store, a few people had managed to download it before that and the APK file of the app is now available for download over at APK mirror. We were one of the lucky few to try out this new lite file manager app from Google, which unlike other popular Android file manager apps out there is free of ads and lockscreen bloatware.

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Here are the top interesting things that you might want to know about the Google Files Go app.

Google Files Go Top Interesting Features

Free up space

Most Android phones these days come with limited internal storage space and not a lot of people prefer using Sd cards on their phone. Even if they do, they would not be able to move the apps to it which means that they will often see a no space available warning.

Google Files Go aims at solving this issue and just like its tagline, it attempts at helping the Android users to free up space on their phone. The home screen interface of the app automatically displays all the files and folders on your phone and you can click on any folder to free up space.

You can manually select the files that you longer want and they are automatically sorted from large to small. The app also allows the users to clear the app cache either for individual apps or as a whole.

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Google files go


The interface of the app is really clean and Google has aimed at displaying only the most essential features at the home page while placing everything else at a separate tab called files. Under the files tab you can find all types of files stored in your phone like the downloaded files, images, videos and audio files.

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When you click on a specific type of file, the app will display all the files that fall under that type in the form of thumbnails. You can swipe right to switch between folders and perform basic tasks like renaming, deleting and sorting.

Google Files Go

Most file manager apps make use of individual folders just like the Windows OS and it might be difficult to open and close each and every folder especially if you have a lot of files on your phone. The swipe interface of Google Files Go is really handy as you can seamlessly switch between multiple folders on your phone.


As the app is still unreleased and is currently in the development stage, it is too early to except a lot of working features. However Google has managed to put together a few interesting features like secure offline sharing with your friends who also use the app using Bluetooth, notification alerts with tips to save storage, low storage warning and unused apps warning.

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Overall, the app is pretty good for something which is still in the development stage and we expect to get a more polished interface with a few more interesting features when the app gets released officially. You can try downloading the unreleased version of the app from here and let us know in the comments below your thoughts on this new file manager app from Google!


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