Instagram, as it has been doing for the past few updates, has borrowed one more feature from its rival, Snapchat.

Apart from introducing the stories, stickers and face filters that were previously introduced in Snapchat, Instagram has now also brought in the infamous screenshot alert feature in Snapchat where the user would be alerted if someone takes a screenshot of their story.

This feature is now currently live for some Instagram users and it is also being rolled out to its million of users across the world. Basically if someone takes a screenshot of your story, then Instagram will now show you a circular icon next to the user name under the list of users that have viewed your story.

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However, there is already a simple workaround for this, where you can download the stories of the users you want to, without taking a screenshot.

By this way neither the user will be alerted about you and nor you have to fiddle around your device all the time holding the story you want to take the screenshot of.

If you want to stalk around people and convert their stories that will disappear within 24 hours into immortal ones by saving it in your device, just follow the below steps.

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How to download Instagram screenshots without alerting the user

Step 1:

First, open on your mobile browser.

Instagram Screenshot

Step 2:

Now click on the username text box and just enter the name of the user whose story you want to download without alerting them.

Instagram Screenshot

Step 3:

Now the website will load all the stories that the user have posted including text, images and videos in the last 24 hours.

Instagram Screenshot

Step 4:

You can just click on the one you want to download and you can either save it to your device or download the video directly.

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Instagram Screenshot

If you are on a computer, then the process is much simple, you can either download and install the Instagram app from the Windows 10 store, or visit the official website. From there, just log in to your Instagram account and then open the story of the user you want to download.

Just use the print screen functionality on your Windows PC to take a screenshot of the story. As of now Instagram has not found any workaround to detect this method, but until then this is also a way you can snoop around users on Instagram without the user knowing.

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