Android Oreo was released to the public 6 months back by Google and since then a lot of OEMs are trying to push the update to their devices. Samsung started the beta update for Android Oreo some time back and now has finally started to roll out the official update to its S8 and the S8 Plus devices.

With the new Android Oreo 8.0 update, the latest flagship devices of Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus got a ton of new features, both Oreo specific features and Samsung’s Experience OS features.

Here are the list of some of the new features that were introduced to the latest Android update to the Samsung devices and most of these are specific to these devices so you might not find these in other Android Oreo based devices.

10 new features of Android Oreo for Samsung S8


Edge lighting effects:

Samsung enhances the edge lighting effects in the S8 devices to add more colours, multi colour effects, transparency and width controls. These effects generally come into play when you receive a notification from a supported app when your phone screen is off or when you are playing songs using the Samsung Music app.

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Hide Albums

Not that no one is using the Samsung’s stock Gallery app, but it has some really cool features and Samsung constantly updates it with new ones. The latest feature added to the app after the Oreo update allows you to hide specific albums from your Gallery app if you want certain pictures and videos to be private.


Custom colours for Folder

You can now use a custom colour picker to choose your favourite colour for the folders inside your app drawer. This is an update over the previous option to select colours only from a set of predefined options.


Settings app update

The settings also witnesses a few updates in the form of UI changes where the about phone menu is now updated to show clearer details about the device in a structured manner and there is now also a search bar on the top of the settings app instead of a search button at the top right corner making it easy to access.

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Dual Messenger

Just like the MIUI in Xiaomi devices, Samsung has now added the Dual messenger feature to its Galaxy devices with the new Android Oreo based update to its Experience UI. Dual Messenger feature allows you to use two different accounts at the same time on famous messenger apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger and even Facebook.

Once you enable this feature, the app icon will be cloned on your home screen with a small orange badge at the bottom right corner using which you can log in to your another account.

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Always on Display options

The Always on Display feature on Samsung also has got a few new options like font, colours and also new design for the clock and the other information widgets.

Transparent notifications

Android Oreo now allows you to add complete transparent effect to the lock screen notifications on your Galaxy S8 devices. You can control the level of transparency to modify the default opaque look to something different to give a new look to your lock screen.

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Transparent search menu

Apart from adding transparent effects to the lockscreen notifications, Oreo update also adds the same effect to the search menu in the app drawer of the default launcher in the S8 devices. When you search for something from the search bar you will now get the results in a transparent page along with the relevant app and search suggestions.

New Bluetooth codecs

In an attempt to improve the audio quality when listened through wireless headphones, Google introduced a set of high quality audio codecs to Android Oreo and with the latest update, the Galaxy S8 also gets access to these Hi-Fi bluetooth codecs which include aptX, LTAC and Samsung HD among others.

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More control over apps

Since Android Oreo brings with it the picture in picture mode feature where the supported apps could be used in little resizable floating windows even after you leave the app screen, a new feature where you could control this feature has been added to this update.

You can access this from the app information page in the settings page of the app under the advanced menu. The apps that support this feature will now have an option to control it.

These are all the new features that were introduced with the Android Oreo 8.0 update for the Galaxy S8 devices. If you have noticed some other new features apart from the ones mentioned in this list, feel free to mention them in the comments section below!

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