Android P 9.0 rumoured to be named as Pistachio Ice cream of Peppermint is the upcoming version of the Android OS and it might release sooner than you expect with as close as August 2018.

With not even 5% of the current Android devices updated to Android Oreo 8.0, the rumours and leaks of what new features might be added to the Android P are already out, and to be frank they do sound interesting.

Even though it might take atleast a year for Android P to reach all the smartphones out there, it is good to know what it might bring to the table and here are the top 6 features that we expect might come to Android P 9.0 based on the source code leaks and other possible speculations.

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6 New features coming to Android P

Support for Notches and Foldable displays

Just like the ones on the iPhone X and the Essential Phone, notches might become a thing in the upcoming Android smartphones and to support that transition, Google will be adding software based support for these notches.

The entire layout would be adjusted to fit in the notch to make sure that it doesn’t fiddle with other UI elements. Huawei’s P20 Plus and the upcoming Xiaomi’s flagship devices are all rumoured to come with the notch just like the one in the Essential Phone or even better.

Android P

Apart from this, the new version of Android is also said to come with support for foldable and multiple displays like the one in the ZTE Axon M and since Samsung is also rumoured to be working on a foldable smartphone named Samsung Galaxy X, the update might improve the support.

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Android P

Background apps will be restricted from using mic and camera

Starting from Android P 9.0, all the apps that are running in the background or being idle will be restricted from accessing your device’s camera or the microphone. This is an attempt at preventing malicious and malware apps trying to record your conversation or capture your surroundings even when you are not using them.

Even if some apps try to access your microphone using a workaround, Android P will just send an empty data to them to stop the process. These things are introduced to Android to make users feel safe and secure but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the OS would be completely void of vulnerabilities.

Alert when someone records your call

While not many OEMs support call recording by default, users can still use third party Android apps to record a conversation over a voice call. To alert the person on the other side of the call that the conversation is being recorded, Android P will now play an alert tone for 15 seconds for legal reasons. This could be enabled by detecting whenever the call record API is being used.

Screenshot editing tools

Just like the ones found in the smartphones of other OEMs like Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung, Android P might add screenshot editing tools as a default option with features to take scrolling screenshots, edit them right after capturing and even adding text and doodles to them.

Android P

Smart reply for all apps

With Google recently releasing an Google reply app to add machine learning based smart reply functionality to messaging apps, there is a good chance that this feature might be built into the upcoming Android P 9.0 and smart reply feature could be available across all the apps in the system.

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Android P

Just like the Android Oreo 8.0 update, Android P 9.0 update also focusses on behind the screen improvements over visual changes and in a way it is good that Android is aiming to improve the user experience instead of adding more customization options as there are already a ton of apps that could do that.

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