Android, even though often gets updated with new features and improvements still lacks behind the iOS operating system of the Apple smart phones and tablets in certain ways. These might include timely updates for all the devices as early as possible, streamlined improvements across different types of devices and useful iOS features which lets you use your device with ease across multiple platforms and types of devices.

There are also a few useful features that are exclusive only to the iOS enabled Apple devices like the ability to edit screen shots as a stock feature, screen record and so on. So, if you are a loyal Android user and have always longed to find a way to somehow get these iOS exclusive features on your device, then here is how you do it.

How to get the best iPhone X iOS features on any Android phone

Assistive touch for Android

Assistive touch is one of the oldest and frankly the most useful iOS features of Apple devices. Unlike Android, iOS devices does not have the navigation buttons on the bottom of every screen and there is also only one physical button. This made it difficult for the iOS users to navigate through their device and to solve this issue, Apple introduced the Assistive touch button on the iOS devices which when pressed introduces you to a list of options along with the navigation options.

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iOS features

If you are a fan of this one of the most useful iOS features, you can get this right now on your Android device by installing the EasyTouch – Assistive Touch for Android app from the Google Play Store. This app is kind of like an upgraded version of the assistive touch on iOS as it comes with the ability to customize the look of the floating actions along with the ability to add or remove your favourite custom actions to it like taking a screenshot, calling someone or even launching your favourite apps.

DownloadEasyTouch – Assistive Touch for Android

Synchronizing notifications across devices

If you have used any iOS enabled and a MacOS device, then you might have found how awesome and seamless the synchronization works across these devices. Apple has managed to add the ability to view and interact with the notifications, read and reply to messages and much more across the Apple devices and thanks to an extremely useful Android app called Pushbullet – SMS on PC, you can now do that on your Android device too.

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Just download and install the Pushbullet app from the Google Play Store on your Android phone and then install the equivalent server app on your Windows or Mac enabled device by downloading it from the Pushbullet official website. You can also add the extension to Pushbullet to your favourite browser if you prefer that. Once you have installed and setup the app on your devices, your notifications and messages will now be  synchronized across your devices and you will even be able to interact with them, send files or links between your devices and more.

Download: Pushbullet – SMS on PC

Recording your screen

Apple recently added a feature that natively allows you to record your screens starting from iOS 11 installed devices. This feature allows you to record the activities going on in your phone screen and then share the recorded file. While this feature was available on some rooted Android devices, Google has not yet included a native feature on Android for it and it is also not recommended to risk rooting your device and voiding your warranty just to get this one of the most useful of the iOS features.

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Thankfully, there is an option of getting the screen record feature on your Android device without having to root, which is installing the AZ Screen Recorder – No Root app on your device. As the name suggests, the AZ Screen recorder app allows you to record your Android screen, edit the recording and even directly share the file or save it locally on your device. Unlike the native screen record feature of iOS, you also have the option to tweak the settings of the recording with the AZ screen recorder like changing the resolution and frame rate of the recording.

Download: AZ Screen Recorder – No Root

Screenshot markup option

This is one of the most requested iOS features for Android, which is the ability to allow you to edit a screenshot you take like cropping the image, adding text or drawings to it and more instead of just capturing your screen. This feature has been available on the iOS enabled devices for a long time, but you can get this on your Android device also now by installing the Screenshot Crop & Share app from the Google Play Store.

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iOS features

After installing this app on your Android phone, from now on whenever you take a screenshot on your device this app will open up and offer you a wide list of features, including editing your screenshot, cropping it, adding text or writings with different colours to it, and even the option to take scrolling screenshots on your device. Once you have done with the editing, you can also use this app to share the screenshot to the social media or app of your choice.

Download: Screenshot Crop & Share

Digital Wellbeing

Digital wellbeing is technically a brand new feature which is expected to arrive in the upcoming version of iOS 12 and Android Pie 9.0. This is a new feature built natively into your smartphone with an aim of helping people with smartphone addiction to use their device less often and only when they need it the most. It plans on achieving this by tracking your usage pattern, the amount of time you use your phone and specific apps and then limit the usage by allowing you to set specified time limits for these apps.

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Fortunately you don’t have to wait for Android Pie 9.0 to arrive on your device to use this feature on your Android smartphone as an app called Social Fever – Beat Smartphone addiction already offers these features for free to Android devices. It allows you to set goals and time limits for certain apps and tracks your usage constantly. Once the time limit of an app usage has been reached, you can no longer use the app unless you explicitly try to and the Social fever will even suggest you activities to do based on your interests and hobbies in the mean time.

Download: Social Fever – Beat Smartphone addiction

While it is good to know that you can get some of the best iOS features in the iPhone X right now on any Android smartphone, it is still disappointing to know that Google has not yet made available these extremely useful iOS features natively on its Android operating system. All we can do now is hope some of these iOS features might make their way to the upcoming version of Android Pie 9.0 or the newer versions of the Android operating system.

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