Samsung recently launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, its latest and the most expensive flagship in the Note model series and as always it comes with a list of new and exciting features. It packs an enormous 4000mAh battery, a variable aperture enabled dual camera and the most interesting of them all, a remote control enabled all new S Pen.

While the new Galaxy Note 9 is one of the best smartphones out there currently, it is important to note that you are using it to its maximum potential to justify the humongous price you paid for it. So, here is a list of tricks that you should be knowing about your Galaxy Note 9 using which you can improve the usability and the potential of your device.

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5 Galaxy Note 9 tricks you should know about

Remote control using the S Pen

Galaxy Note 9

One of the most exciting new features about the Galaxy Note 9 is the S Pen, which now comes with a remote control enabled feature where you could use your S Pen to remotely control and interact with your Galaxy Note 9, like opening files, launching apps, take photos, view photos and more. To view any information regarding the S Pen and to set and modify its features, just go to Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > S Pen Remote on your Galaxy Note 9.

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Galaxy Note 9

Once you are in the S Pen remote settings, you can view the basic details about the S pen like remaining power, app actions and more. You can now enable the remote control feature of the S Pen for individual apps by changing the settings in the app actions. Just click on the app for which you want to enable the remote control option from the list of supported apps and then assign a functionality for the long press or the double press option. You can also disable the apps for which you want to use the remote control feature of the S Pen.

Use the Secure folder to safeguard your files

Secure folder is a feature that has been recently added to the Samsung Galaxy devices and it has made its way to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 too. It is based on the Samsung Knox security platform and it provides you a way to securely store your apps, media files and other confidential information by uploading them to a secure folder in the cloud and encrypting them. You can select your preferred method to lock and unlock the secure folder on your device like pattern or fingerprint lock and no one else can view or access the secure folder on your device.

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Galaxy Note 9

Make use of the One handed mode

As we know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a really huge and tall phone at 6.4 inches and it might get really hard sometimes to use your device with one hand especially when you want to interact with the things that are on the top most corner of your device. Fortunately, Samsung has included a native feature to the Galaxy Note 9 devices which makes it much more easier for you to handle your device with one hand.

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This is called as the one handed mode and once you enable this feature on your Galaxy Note 9, it will just shrink your entire screen towards the bottom making it easier for you to interact with the top screen elements. To enable this, just go to Settings->Advanced and then enable the One handed mode from the settings. You can choose to activate it by either a swipe gesture from your navigation bar or by tapping thrice on your home button.

Enable Multi window and floating apps

Multi tasking, especially in a tall device like Galaxy Note 9 is one of the most useful features of the Android operating system, which is still not possible in the iOS enabled devices. With Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you can not only use multiple apps on a split screen mode, but you can also put them into tiny floating screens and simultaneously use multiple apps on your large screen.

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To do this, just go to the Settings->Advanced Features->Multi Window and then enable the use recents button and pop-up view action option. Once these options are enabled you cna start using the apps on either split screen view or as floating apps. Just long press your recents navigation button to enter into the multi window and select the apps you want to use on a split screen to do this. You can also drag an app card from the recents menu and then drop it in a floating overview space on your screen to use floating apps.

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Use a movable shutter button in camera app

The fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device is very huge and tall is already well established and this might make a lot of simple things difficult like clicking the settings button on some apps, using the search bar on apps and mainly snapping pictures while you are holding your device in the landscape mode. To make things easier, Samsung allows you to make a copy of the shutter button and place it anywhere on the camera app to make clicking pictures easier.

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Galaxy Note 9

You have to just hold the shutter button and then drag it to place anywhere you want on your screen. You can also enable the volume button to take pictures from the settings but it might also be difficult to reach at times. This feature might be particularly be useful when you are not using the S Pen or it is docked on to your device.

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What do you think about these features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Do you already know about some of these features? Do you think these might change the way how you use your device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to add any other Note 9 feature you might think would be useful for our readers.


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