PIxel 3 features

Google just released its latest flagship smartphones, the Google Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL along with a bunch of other hardware products.

While these smartphones could be considered as a significant improvement over the previous generation of the Pixel smartphones, that alone does not make it compulsive enough for someone to switch to these devices.

However, the new Pixel 3 devices from Google does have a few interesting and innovative software features which might tempt some users with older smartphones to switch to the Pixel 3 devices immediately.

But, if you are someone who love these new features in the Pixel 3 devices but are not willing to switch because you just got a new device or you are happy with your older device and don’t want to spend 1000s of dollars on a new phone, don’t worry we have got you covered.

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Here is how you can get some of the most exciting new features from the new Pixel 3 devices like the Navigation gestures, Night sight and the Live Google Lens on your Android device without even having to root or install a custom ROM on your device thus avoiding the risk of bricking your device or losing your warranty.

How to get Pixel 3 features on any Android phone

Digital Wellbeing

This is one of the most useful Pixel 3 features and ironically it aims at making you use your smartphone less frequently. This feature basically monitors your usage and tracks the time spent by you in using each app on an hourly and a daily basis.

By accessing the Digital Wellbeing dashboard on the Pixel 3 device, the users can learn about their usage patterns, how much time they have spent for the past hour on the apps installed on their phone and so on.

PIxel 3 features

Users can then restrict themselves to limit their usage for these apps thus improving their life outside of their smartphone. While this feature is currently at its beta stage and is only available for the Android Pie and the Pixel users, here is how you can get it on your Android device by installing an app that works in a similar fashion.

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Just install the app called Your Hour – phone addiction tracker and controller from the Google Play Store link below on your Android smartphone.

The app will constantly monitor various aspects of your smartphone usage patterns on a daily basis like the number of times you unlock your device, screen on time, individual app usage time and it also allows you to set restrictions for app usage by assigning a time limit crossing which you will be notified to stop using that particular app.

Live Google Lens

While Google has introduced a lot of camera based Pixel 3 features to its latest flagship device, this one might be the most useful of them all.

Live Google Lens is a Pixel 3 exclusive camera feature where just like the Bixby vision in the Samsung smartphones, you can use your camera app to scan and detect QR codes, business cards, texts on documents and similar items in real time.

However, this is much more accurate than the Bixby vision feature and has a lot more use cases.

PIxel 3 features

While this feature is currently available officially only to the Pixel 3 devices, you can get it on your Android smartphone right now by installing a Google Camera port app from XDA Developer’s forum.

Click here to download the APK file of the app from Google Drive. Just download the APK file to your Android smartphone and install it to start using the Live Google Lens feature on the Google Camera app port from the Pixel 3.

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Navigation Gestures

While this was not technically one of the Pixel 3 features introduced to the Google’s latest smartphone, as it was introduced in the Android Pie 9.0, the most recent version of Google’s smartphone operating system, it might as well considered to be an exclusive Pixel feature as with a very few exceptions, the Google Pixel devices are the only phones to get the latest Android 9.0 update.

PIxel 3 features

Much like the navigation gestures on the iPhone X, this feature on the Pixel 3 has allowed the users to perform the common navigation options on their devices using gestures instead of home, back and recents menu soft buttons.

You can get this feature on your Android smartphone by installing the Navigation Gestures – Swipe Gesture Controls app from the Google smartphone on your device.

The app allows you to hide your navigation icons on screen and perform the operations like going to the home screen, going back or accessing your recents menu of apps by just using navigation gestures, thus saving more screen space and also making the navigation process more simple and fluid on your Android smartphone.

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The app also allows you to add more gestures and to customize the existing ones by changing their color, size and position.

Active Edge

The active edge feature debuted in the Pixel 2 device and it has now made its way to the Google Pixel 3 device and it could be considered one of the most unique and useful Pixel 3 features.

PIxel 3 features

It allows you to launch your Google Assistant at any time by just squeezing both edges of your phone.

You can get this feature on your Android smartphone too by just installing the SideSqueeze app from the Google Play Store on your device.

Developer: Pocketdevelopers
Price: Free+
  • SideSqueeze Screenshot
  • SideSqueeze Screenshot

Unlike the native Active Edge feature on the Pixel 3, which only allows you to launch the Google Assistant by squeezing your device, you can use the Side Squeeze app to customize the squeeze action by setting to launch any other app or action of your choice.

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Let us know in the comments below which one of these Google Pixel 3 features in the favorite. Did we miss any? Feel free to comment if you have any doubts regarding any of the above steps.

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