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If you are in India, you are probably aware of the new rule which has made all the major telecom operators to block their users from accessing some of the popular sites on the web, which incidentally included a few sites that most users visit on a regular basis.

While the application of the rule is still up for debate and not many people are pleased by this, especially the websites that got blocked by this new law, there is still some ways using which the users could still access these websites.

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One of the easiest ways to enable the users of these popular telecom operators to be able to access the websites that have been restricted access on their mobile network, in some cases even the WiFi connection is to use an Android app on their smartphone which creates a VPN for them.

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A VPN is a Virtual Private Network and as the name suggests, it is a technique wherein the app you have installed on your Android smartphone would create a virtual network and by using something called a proxy would route your mobile internet connection through a secure and a private tunnel of private network.

This technology allows you to access these blocked websites on your mobile network as it would use the proxy and route your connection through a server at an optimal location at a different country where the websites you are trying to visit are not restricted for access.

Apart from accessing blocked and restricted websites through your mobile network from your Android smartphone, a VPN app also has a few more additional advantages like making your internet connection more secure and private and also anonymous which would make it difficult for anyone trying to track or spy on your network.

Also, using a VPN app on your Android smartphone could actually have the possibility of increasing your download and surfing speeds in some instances if you are accessing websites and mirrors from an optimal location through the VPN app.

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So, now that you have known what a VPN is and how you would benefit from installing a VPN app on your Android smartphone, here are some of the best and popular free VPN apps for Android for you to choose from. Go ahead, select one from the below list and enjoy browsing the web from your mobile or WiFi network without any restrictions from your service provider.

5 Best free VPN Android apps for private browsing 2019

AIR VPN – Free VPN Proxy Best & Fast Shield

AIR VPN is a completely free VPN service app for Android which allows you to access any blocked or restricted website from your smartphone network for free. The UI is extremely simple with just an on and off switch as soon as you open the app for you to be able to enable or disable the VPN connection on your Android smartphone.

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The app also allows you to bypass any firewall restrictions or filters that may have been enabled on your network connection. It also encrypts your connection and enables you to hide your IP by providing you with a fake IP address to secure your connection. The app allows you to choose the server location of the country you would want to enable the VPN connection from and you have over 100 option to choose from.

Bestline VPN – Free & Fast & Unlimited & Unblock

Bestline is an interesting VPN Android app with free unlimited VPN access with no bandwidth or server limitations and has a beautiful UI with a dark theme based design. The app allows you to create a VPN connection and access any blocked website or restricted app on your Android smartphone. For example. you would be able to use Spotify in India by using the Bestline VPN Android app on your Android smartphone.

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The Bestline VPN app supports proxy connections in over 10 locations across the world and has over 300 cloud based proxy servers worldwide allowing you to have access to the internet in a secure way with increased surfing and downloading speeds over your mobile network. Plus you do not need to register or sign in to be able to use the VPN Android app which makes the whole process more simple and seamless.

JustVPN – Free Unlimited VPN & Proxy

JustVPN is one of the few free VPN Android apps in the Google Play Store that constantly updates their apps with new features and enhancements. The app offers free unlimited connection over the VPN without any bandwidth limitations or restrictions on your sessions. The developer claims that they do not log any of your browsing data and they provide military grade encryption for providing you with a secure connection.

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You can also use the app to create fake or vanish IP to protect your device over vulnerable and weak connections like public hotspots or temporary WiFi connections. The app also does not have any P2P restrictions which means you can use the app to establish a VPN connection on your Android smartphone to download torrent files over the network which would not normally be possible.

JustVPN - Free Unlimited VPN & Proxy
JustVPN - Free Unlimited VPN & Proxy
  • JustVPN - Free Unlimited VPN & Proxy Screenshot
  • JustVPN - Free Unlimited VPN & Proxy Screenshot

Surf VPN – Best Free Unlimited Proxy

One interesting feature in the Surf VPN Android app for Android is that it has a separate section inside the app called Smart Proxy. You can add or remove apps in this section enabling only the apps in the Smart Proxy list of the Surf VPN app to be able to access the proxy and thereby benefit from the secure VPN connection provided by the Surf VPN. By this you can safe data and restrict certain apps from being detected by the VPN connection like banking or finance apps.

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Surf VPN - Best Free Unlimited Proxy
Surf VPN - Best Free Unlimited Proxy
  • Surf VPN - Best Free Unlimited Proxy Screenshot
  • Surf VPN - Best Free Unlimited Proxy Screenshot

Windscribe VPN

The Windscribe VPN Android app for Android comes with both free and premium options and while the premium version offers you with unlimited bandwidth options forever, you still get over 10GB of free data for usage in the free version of the Windscribe VPN Android app. The app has a strict no logs policy and also its secure encryption feature makes sure that no one, not even your internet service provider would be able to track you online or spy on your activities in the mobile network.

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Windscribe VPN
Windscribe VPN
Developer: Windscribe
Price: Free+
  • Windscribe VPN Screenshot
  • Windscribe VPN Screenshot

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