installing new apps

Android phones are getting increasingly powerful every year and a lot of new phones even come with more RAM capacity than most laptops or PC. But does your Android phone really need to be that powerful?

According to a survey by Comscore, most users don’t even install any new apps on their phones and even if they do nearly 1 in 4 people just use the app for once and never come back.

installing new apps

After reading these survey results and researching the behavior of millions of Android users, I had a question in my mind.

If almost 75% of the users don’t install any new apps to their Android phones and even if they do they just use it once and forget about it, is it possible to just use our phones as they came out of the box, without ever installing new apps?

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So, I just did a quick analysis and came up with a couple of points on whether or not you can use your Android phone without ever installing any new apps. Would it be possible to just use your Android phone with the apps it came with like the Chrome browser app, phone, music and gallery apps and all the other basic ones, you get the gist. Read on to know.

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Can you use your Android phone without installing new apps?

Most popular Android apps like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Google Search, or Amazon were initially web-based applications and were also turned into smartphone apps to keep up with the trend.

However, the web versions of them could still be accessed from your Android phone without having to separately install their apps on your phone. Plus with the new Android instant apps feature by Google which is being supported by an increasing number of apps lately, you can just use the supported apps from the Play Store without having to actually install it.

installing new apps

If you want to learn more about Android instant apps check out this post.

Advantages of using web apps over Android apps

While the standalone apps have some advantages like extra features and better usability, using the web versions of them also has equal advantages like reducing your battery usage, saving your internal storage and with not as many apps installed your device’s performance would also won’t take a toll.

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Also, you can use the Google Chrome browser to add shortcuts of the web apps you want to use to your home screen and use these shortcuts to directly access these websites instead of entering the URL every time.

Plus, with the Desktop site option in chrome, you can even switch to the desktop version of any app or service you want and use it just like you would on a computer.

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Some web apps like Facebook and Twitter even allow you to enable receiving notifications, so you would still be getting all timely updates and alerts even if you are not using their official standalone app.

As mentioned above, this way you have a lot of advantages as apps like Facebook has a ton of seemingly useless features which no one uses and with every new update it just occupies more of your internal storage and has a negative impact on your battery life and performance as they tend to constantly run in the background.

What about App only services?

Even popular app only services like Uber or Uber Eats or even Instagram could be used from your web browser by accessing their official websites and thanks to the Uber integration to Google Maps, an app that is pre-installed on your phone, you can order Uber right from your maps app without having to install a separate app for that.

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You could argue that it would not be possible to use tools or productivity apps like Evernote, or photo editors like Snapseed, but unsurprisingly there is a web version for most of these services.

However, I have to agree that the usability experience is not as good as the standalone apps but most galleries come with plenty of built-in editing options these days and even Google’s official photos app, which also comes pre-installed has a lot of filters and editing options.

installing new apps

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But I stream a lot

You can even listen to your favorite podcasts from within the Google search app or stream your music from the pre-installed Google Play Music app and there are plenty of other online music and movie streaming sites you can access through your Chrome browser, one more pre installed app if you don’t want to install separate apps for that.

installing new apps

So, basically most common tasks performed by an average user in his Android phone ranging from texting, calling, taking pictures, editing them, watching videos, listening to music, reading the news, checking his emails, browsing through social media and pretty much any basic task could be easily done without ever installing new apps on your Android phone.

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To sum it all up,

While some people obviously are going to disagree with my conclusion that it is indeed possible to use your Android phone with just the apps that it came with and without installing any new apps, I for one think that the end of mobile apps is very near and it won’t be long before our powerful Android phones basically become an awesome camera which can make calls and has an internet browser.

The survey results make much more sense now, doesn’t it?

Well, as I always say, if you have any counter arguments, which I think many would feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and I would very much like to argue with you and make you realize that you are obviously wrong and you can use your Android phone without installing new apps.

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