Android category in Review Deeper includes insights in the world of Android which include software updates, latest news and newly released Android apps which are useful but overlooked.

iphone x

Best iPhone X Alternatives For Android Phone Users

Apple's latest and the most sophisticated iPhone, the iPhone X ( Call it 'X' instead of '10' and the iNazis will kill you :P ) has a lot going for it...
Android Oreo

Android Oreo 8.0 Launched With 8 New Features

Android Oreo is officially launched and Android devices are about to learn some new tricks. Google has unveiled the next version of Android, now known as Android Oreo, and gave us...
Android Oreo

Android Oreo Officially Launched And Available For Download

Android Oreo must be probably the most hyped version of Android ever. Right from the name and the features everything about the Google's latest mobile OS was the talk of the...
How To Use Android Instant Apps

How To Setup & Use Android Instant Apps Right Now

Google, a few months back, announced Instant Apps for Android on the Google I/O 2017. Instant apps are like normal Android apps with all the essential features and functionality, but instead...
android icon packs

Download Android Icon Packs For September 2017 (Top 5)

Android icon packs are the most awesome way of customizing your Android phone. One of the best things about these Android icon packs is that they give a fresh and an...
prevent screen off while reading

Stop Phone Screen From Turning Off While Reading

We all use our phones for different primary purposes.    Some people use their high powered smartphone with lot of RAM just to make phone calls and send messages and some for playing...
cortana android

3 Reasons To Use Cortana On Android Despite Having Google Assistant

Cortana, as we all know is a personal assistant created by Microsoft exclusively for Windows 10 computers and phones.    Recently Microsoft has also made Cortana available as an early access app at...

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Root Your Android Phone In 2017

Android, being an open source operating system offers a wide range of options and features to its billions of users.    Though most Android users don't know about these or don't feel the...
facebook monitor webcam

Facebook May Soon Monitor You Through Your Webcam

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world and the facts that it has billions of active users and around 2 billion people may join Facebook by...
developer options android

8 Developer options every true Android user should use

 Android as simple an operating system it is for normal users, for people who decide to explore it further, it provides endless capabilities.  It literally has limitless customization options and with new...

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