Android category in Review Deeper includes insights in the world of Android which include software updates, latest news and newly released Android apps which are useful but overlooked.

Google’s New Messenger App is The iMessage Alternative For Android!

WHAT IS RCS?It has been a busy week for Google, with announcing the best apps of 2016 and best games of 2016. Right when you think that its all over, Google...

Change the way you used your phone with this app, FOREVER!

TEXT AIDE Ever been in a situation, where you are constantly opening Google search and then searching for a word which you don't know the meaning for? Or much worse, you are...

These Are The Best Apps of 2016 According To GOOGLE!

The following is the list of best apps as released by the market leader, Google. If you want to check out the best games of 2016, see my other post!BEST APP...

Best Games of 2016 by Google!

Best Android Games 2016 The following is the list of best android games of 2016 as released by Google. Let's Play! BEST GAME OF THE YEAR It's not easy to achieve the 'best' tagline in...

New To Android? Begin With These Apps

Just got a new phone? Well, check out the following list of best and important apps you should install right away.   Whatsapp   Whatsapp is the go to communication app for the current generation...

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