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How To Guides comprises of the latest and most comprehensive guides based on Android, Windows and Technology in general. Our guides are in depth and are written in a way even a complete beginner could benefit from them.

record Whatsapp calls

How to Record Whatsapp Calls on Android

Most Android users might already know it is possible to record normal voice calls on Android phones, turns out it is also possible to record Whatsapp calls as well using a...

Are Android phones capable of replacing your laptops?

Back when smartphones weren't introduced yet to the world, people used to sit in the same place in front of their computers for hours on end doing their jobs. Even when...
custom ROM

5 Things to do before installing an Android custom ROM

Custom ROM is a way of updating your Android device to the latest Android version available even though your phone manufacturer has not officially made it available for your device. For many...
PIxel 3 features

How to get Pixel 3 features on any Android phone

Google just released its latest flagship smartphones, the Google Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL along with a bunch of other hardware products. While these smartphones could be considered as a...
Android fingerprint

How to Login to Windows PC using Android Fingerprint Scanner

Android and Windows are two of the most popular operating systems that are currently in use for smartphones and Computers respectively. This makes it easier for someone who wants to develop an...

How to get the verified badge for your Instagram profile

Instagram has a way of showing that a profile or a page on its platform is genuine and official by providing them with a verified badge in the form of blue...
iOS features

How to get the best iPhone X iOS features on any Android phone

Android, even though often gets updated with new features and improvements still lacks behind the iOS operating system of the Apple smart phones and tablets in certain ways. These...
view image

How to get back View image button in Google search

Google recently made a logical but somewhat annoying decision to remove the view image button from its Google image search results. This means you can no longer directly download your favourite images...

How to screenshot Instagram stories without alerting the user

Instagram, as it has been doing for the past few updates, has borrowed one more feature from its rival, Snapchat. Apart from introducing the stories, stickers and face filters that were previously...

How to Get Your PC Protected from Latest Malware Attacks

Malware threats are causing serious damage to users around the world. These threats are real that emerge in different forms and ways challenging your data security. You can find malware threats...

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