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Latest News revolves around the current happenings in the tech world which include any big announcements, inventions and app or product launches.

oneplus 5 vs iphone 7

One Plus 5 Lags 1 Second Behind iPhone 7 In A Speed Test

One Plus 5, the phone the whole world was eagerly awaiting to launch successfully launched a few days back. The whole hype was especially for the 8 GB of RAM it...
facebook monitor webcam

Facebook May Soon Monitor You Through Your Webcam

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world and the facts that it has billions of active users and around 2 billion people may join Facebook by...

Google Increases Android Security Rewards From June 2017

Android, as we all know is the most used operating system in the world with billions of devices and new unique users joining every day. But unlike windows or other popular...
judy malware android

How To Protect Your Device From Judy Malware

Judy Malware is the new successor to Wannacry Ransom ware, which has affected millions of devices and several top corporate companies like Zomato, Apple and Microsoft. Unlike Wannacry, Judy has only...
facebook comments reactions

Facebook adds feature to react to comments

Facebook has been making a quite a few modifications to its website and apps lately. With the video ads and a new tab for videos along with reacting to sent and...

Facebook Adds A Videos Tab To Increase Revenue

Facebook with its recent decision of placing ads on popular videos has been concentrating on ways to make its massive user base to view as many videos as they can. In...

Facebook Starts Showing Ads In between Videos

Last month we had written a post about how Facebook is planning to insert ads to popular videos in its platform and how it will be a benefit and an encouragement...
hackers android password

Hackers Could Deduce Your Password By Seeing The Way You Tilt Your Phone

Android, though based on Linux and is an open source operating system is still vulnerable to a lot of security threats like malware and password cracking and has a lot more...
google auto draw

Google’s Auto Draw Uses AI To Turn Your Scribbles Into Art

Google has recently launched an AI based drawing tool, which though on the first impression appears like traditional drawing tools like Microsoft Paint, is actually has much more than it to...

Microsoft All Set To Sell The Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung recently announced its latest flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S8 at a grand launch event and the world has never stopped talking about it. The most recent news about the...

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