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Instagram tricks

Top 5 Instagram Tricks To Get More Likes And Followers

Instagram is currently the second most popular social network, next only to Facebook, with millions of monthly active users around the world. While it was initially a platform to share your photos,...

Android App To Create Fake Emails To Avoid Spam

There are billions of websites on the Internet and millions of users who visit them daily.  Some provide useful information, some sell products, some offer services.  But one way or the other they...
android screen hide

How To Hide Your Screen When Someone Is Peeking

Privacy is one of the primary concern these days.   Especially in the era of smartphones where everyone is having a lot of personal information stored on their phone, it could get challenging...
prevent screen off while reading

Stop Phone Screen From Turning Off While Reading

We all use our phones for different primary purposes.    Some people use their high powered smartphone with lot of RAM just to make phone calls and send messages and some for playing...
facebook app features

9 Facebook Apps Inside The Facebook App You Never Know Existed

 Facebook is the one app which you can say with certainty that almost everyone with a smartphone uses on a regular basis.  Be it an Android or an iOS or even a...
control android phone remotely

How To Control Your Android Phone Remotely Without Internet

Have you ever thought of controlling every single aspect of your Android phone remotely by using an another Android smartphone?    I am not just talking about turning it on or off remotely...
floating videos android

Android App To Watch Floating Videos

Android is a constantly evolving operating system and with the multi-window feature in Android Nougat and the floating apps option in Android O, Google has definitely taken multi-tasking abilities to a...
developer options android

8 Developer options every true Android user should use

 Android as simple an operating system it is for normal users, for people who decide to explore it further, it provides endless capabilities.  It literally has limitless customization options and with new...
messenger chat heads for all notifications

How To Get Messenger Chat Heads For All Notifications

Remember the app by Facebook that allows you to send messages to your friends and post stories? No, not Instagram. No, not Whatsapp. It is the Messenger app that Facebook forces on...

How To Use Android Instant Apps Without Installing Them In Your Phone

  Google announced a few months back that they are bringing instant apps to their Android operating system. Instant apps are a nifty little feature where you click on a shared or...

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