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celebrity android app

Make Celebrities Say Whatever You Want With This App

Ever wanted to get a birthday wish from a celebrities you love? How awesome would it be if Will Smith or Hugh Jackman wishes you on your birthday or sings a...

You can now send GIF files from the keyboard in Whatsapp!

It's been a while since Google released the update for the Google keyboard for android, labeled as GBoard after spending some time with iOS. And I have to say that besides the not...

How To Use Android Instant Apps Without Installing Them In Your Phone

  Google announced a few months back that they are bringing instant apps to their Android operating system. Instant apps are a nifty little feature where you click on a shared or...
prevent screen off while reading

Stop Phone Screen From Turning Off While Reading

We all use our phones for different primary purposes.    Some people use their high powered smartphone with lot of RAM just to make phone calls and send messages and some for playing...
paid app sale

How To Get Notified When A Paid App Goes Free

What if your favourite paid app goes free on Android for a limited time? You dream is coming true as Google recently announced that it will allow the app developers with...
Android Tricks

Android Tricks To Try Out Right Now [2017]

Android tricks are always useful to learn and might help you in using your phone in many ways besides just calling and texting. You might have read a lot of Android...
developer options android

8 Developer options every true Android user should use

 Android as simple an operating system it is for normal users, for people who decide to explore it further, it provides endless capabilities.  It literally has limitless customization options and with new...

How To Use Your Phone Without Touching It

Ever been in a situation where you are working with your laptop or desktop, handling your kids, cooking some food or involved in any other activity and you wanted to pick...

Android App To Create Fake Emails To Avoid Spam

There are billions of websites on the Internet and millions of users who visit them daily.  Some provide useful information, some sell products, some offer services.  But one way or the other they...
android screen hide

How To Hide Your Screen When Someone Is Peeking

Privacy is one of the primary concern these days.   Especially in the era of smartphones where everyone is having a lot of personal information stored on their phone, it could get challenging...

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