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Transfrom Your Browsing Experience With These Google Chrome Tricks!

According to recent surveys and analysis, more than 50% of the web population has chrome set as their default and favourite browser. Since we spend most of our time online and we...

You can now send GIF files from the keyboard in Whatsapp!

It's been a while since Google released the update for the Google keyboard for android, labeled as GBoard after spending some time with iOS. And I have to say that besides the not...

Make Your New Year’s Resolution a Success With These Apps!

It's been almost a week since the arrival of the new year, and even though deep inside we all know that...
Android Tricks

Android Tricks To Try Out Right Now [2017]

Android tricks are always useful to learn and might help you in using your phone in many ways besides just calling and texting. You might have read a lot of Android...
hermit lite apps

How To Replace 53 Apps With 1 App And Save Battery

  I guess that many of them after reading the title of this post may have thought that it is about some of those apps that claim to save your battery and...

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