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How To Get iPhone X’s Animojis On Any Android Phone

Animojis on the iPhone X were one of the major attractions during the device launch event and it was also something that Apple has 'really' innovated. Well, atleast that's what everyone...
face id

How To Use Face ID And Voice To Unlock Android Apps

Face ID. The one thing the world is enthusiastically talking about for the fast few weeks since the launch of the most anticipated iPhone X. However, what most people don't realize...
view image

How to get back View image button in Google search

Google recently made a logical but somewhat annoying decision to remove the view image button from its Google image search results. This means you can no longer directly download your favourite images...
increase productivity phone usage

How To Increase Productivity By Monitoring Phone Usage

The typical day of a smart phone user would be to, wake up, start using  the phone, sleep. Smartphones have invaded our everyday life so much that we spend more time...

How To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

Instagram, as we all know is one of the largest photo and video sharing platform on the planet with over a billion downloads across all platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows.    With...
developer options android

8 Developer options You Should Use If You Are A True Android Enthusiast

 Android as simple an operating system it is for normal users, for people who decide to explore it further, it provides endless capabilities.  It literally has limitless customization options and with new...

How To Get Notification Sounds Only When You Are Not Looking At Your Phone.

Let's be honest, most of us use our phones mainly to stream music or videos from Youtube or any other app like Spotify, Google Play Music, Netflix, etc. Sometimes we also would...
action shots

How To Capture Action Shots With Default Camera App

Smartphone cameras have improved a lot over the years and they are turning out to be the potential alternatives to professional cameras. With the dual camera setups introduced in almost every smartphone...

How to Get Your PC Protected from Latest Malware Attacks

Malware threats are causing serious damage to users around the world. These threats are real that emerge in different forms and ways challenging your data security. You can find malware threats...
Download Facebook Videos

How To Download Facebook Videos In Android

A few months back, Facebook introduced a separate new tab for its mobile app called the Videos tab. Apart from the videos you watch in your news feed, the Videos tab...

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