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Increase Internal Memory

How To Increase Internal Memory By Compressing Apps

Most of us would have thought at one time or the other that how awesome it would be if we could increase internal memory on our Android device. The problem is...
app lock

How To App Lock Automatically When You Leave Home

App lock feature of Android might probably be one the most ideal option to secure your Android device. It automatically locks all your apps and even some system settings and functions...
3D Animated Wallpaper

How To Set 3D Animated Wallpaper in Android

Wallpapers are one of the best ways to customize your Android device. Unlike iPhones, Android home screens are not filled with icons so wallpapers can be seen without any blockages. But, unfortunately...

How To Add A Floating Widget In Any App In Android

Ever been in a scenario while you are enthusiastically playing a game or watching a video online and you feel the constant urge to check out your time or your remaining...
wireless transfer

How To Do Wireless Transfer Between Android And PC

Upon reading the title of this post I am pretty sure that most of them would have thought that I am going to talk about popular wireless transfer apps like Share...

How To Use Your Phone Without Touching It

Ever been in a situation where you are working with your laptop or desktop, handling your kids, cooking some food or involved in any other activity and you wanted to pick...
sesame edge launcher shortcuts

How To Get Edge Launcher In Non Samsung S8 Phones

Sesame. Seems like a keyword for magic right? That's exactly what this app does.  Well, not literally, but it brings this year's most innovative and useful feature brought in by Samsung which...

Automatically Lock Your Phone When It’s Snatched From Your Hand Using Accelerometer

A majority of the android users always tend to lock their android phones with either a pattern or a passcode to protect their phones from unauthorised access or to prevent unwanted...
quick settings

How To Add An App To The Quick Settings In Android

In Android Nougat 7.0, Google introduced the option to add and remove additional toggles to the quick settings menu. You can drag and drop settings toggles like hotspot or remove the existing...
Xposed Framework

How To Install Xposed Framework For Android Nougat Official

Xposed Framework for Android is one of the best possible ways to customize your rooted Android Smartphone. It comes with hundreds of modules using which you can literally customize every aspect...

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