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power button android

Use Your Power Button To Turn On Flashlight, Record Audio And More

Android phones these days have shortcuts and gestures for every functionality, right from calling someone from the lock screen and double tapping to put the screen off all these are very useful...
Xposed Framework

How To Install Xposed Framework For Android Nougat Official

Xposed Framework for Android is one of the best possible ways to customize your rooted Android Smartphone. It comes with hundreds of modules using which you can literally customize every aspect...

How To Get iPhone X’s Animojis On Any Android Phone

Animojis on the iPhone X were one of the major attractions during the device launch event and it was also something that Apple has 'really' innovated. Well, atleast that's what everyone...

How To Detect Hidden Cameras With Android Phone

Android smartphones have evloved a lot and they are no longer some hand-held devices that could be used only for making calls or sending messages. You can use your phone for a...
sesame edge launcher shortcuts

How To Get Edge Launcher In Non Samsung S8 Phones

Sesame. Seems like a keyword for magic right? That's exactly what this app does.  Well, not literally, but it brings this year's most innovative and useful feature brought in by Samsung which...
3D Animated Wallpaper

How To Set 3D Animated Wallpaper in Android

Wallpapers are one of the best ways to customize your Android device. Unlike iPhones, Android home screens are not filled with icons so wallpapers can be seen without any blockages. But, unfortunately...
view image

How to get back View image button in Google search

Google recently made a logical but somewhat annoying decision to remove the view image button from its Google image search results. This means you can no longer directly download your favourite images...

How To Control Your Computer Using Your Phone

Unified Remote The main reason I am reviewing this app is that "I am lazy" and I assume that most of you people who landed here are also lazy too.  So what I...
wireless transfer

How To Do Wireless Transfer Between Android And PC

Upon reading the title of this post I am pretty sure that most of them would have thought that I am going to talk about popular wireless transfer apps like Share...

Download Google Tez Payments App – How To Use It To Transfer Money

Google Tez is the latest UPI based payments app in town and after several weeks of rumours and leaks, the app is finally launched officially for Android and iOS today by...

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