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Twitter 280

Twitter 280 Charatcters – How To Get It Right Now

Twitter 280 is probably the thing everyone is Tweeting about for the past couple of days. For a long time, Twitter has followed a strict 140 character limits for its Tweets....

How To Get iPhone X’s Animojis On Any Android Phone

Animojis on the iPhone X were one of the major attractions during the device launch event and it was also something that Apple has 'really' innovated. Well, atleast that's what everyone...
Portrait Lighting

How To Get iPhone’s Portrait Lighting On Any Android

Apple launched its latest line up smartphones, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and the iPhone X which are currently the hot topics in the world of tech. However, to own...
face id

How To Use Face ID And Voice To Unlock Android Apps

Face ID. The one thing the world is enthusiastically talking about for the fast few weeks since the launch of the most anticipated iPhone X. However, what most people don't realize...
app lock

How To App Lock Automatically When You Leave Home

App lock feature of Android might probably be one the most ideal option to secure your Android device. It automatically locks all your apps and even some system settings and functions...
swipe to home

How To Get iPhone X’s Swipe To Home Feature In Android

iPhone X was introduced a few days back by Apple and for the first time in years Apple has removed the home button from the iPhone which also served several other...

Download Google Tez Payments App – How To Use It To Transfer Money

Google Tez is the latest UPI based payments app in town and after several weeks of rumours and leaks, the app is finally launched officially for Android and iOS today by...
security camera

How To Turn Android Phone Into A Security Camera (In 2 minutes)

Android phones these days serve a lot of purpose besides the obvious texting and calling. You can use your phone as a remote control, as a replacement for your professional camera...
3D Animated Wallpaper

How To Set 3D Animated Wallpaper in Android

Wallpapers are one of the best ways to customize your Android device. Unlike iPhones, Android home screens are not filled with icons so wallpapers can be seen without any blockages. But, unfortunately...

How To Detect Hidden Cameras With Android Phone

Android smartphones have evloved a lot and they are no longer some hand-held devices that could be used only for making calls or sending messages. You can use your phone for a...

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