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Transfrom Your Browsing Experience With These Google Chrome Tricks!

According to recent surveys and analysis, more than 50% of the web population has chrome set as their default and favourite browser. Since we spend most of our time online and we...
sesame edge launcher shortcuts

How To Get Edge Launcher In Non Samsung S8 Phones

Sesame. Seems like a keyword for magic right? That's exactly what this app does.  Well, not literally, but it brings this year's most innovative and useful feature brought in by Samsung which...
wireless transfer

How To Do Wireless Transfer Between Android And PC

Upon reading the title of this post I am pretty sure that most of them would have thought that I am going to talk about popular wireless transfer apps like Share...

How To Control Your Computer Using Your Phone

Unified Remote The main reason I am reviewing this app is that "I am lazy" and I assume that most of you people who landed here are also lazy too.  So what I...

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