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floating videos android

Android App To Watch Floating Videos

Android is a constantly evolving operating system and with the multi-window feature in Android Nougat and the floating apps option in Android O, Google has definitely taken multi-tasking abilities to a...
facebook app features

9 Facebook Apps Inside The Facebook App You Never Know Existed

 Facebook is the one app which you can say with certainty that almost everyone with a smartphone uses on a regular basis.  Be it an Android or an iOS or even a...
celebrity android app

Make Celebrities Say Whatever You Want With This App

Ever wanted to get a birthday wish from a celebrities you love? How awesome would it be if Will Smith or Hugh Jackman wishes you on your birthday or sings a...
home button

How To Replace Android Long Press Home Button Action

If you own an Android phone and are in social media, then you probably have known by this time that Google is rolling out its Google assistant which was designed to...

How To Get Location Based Reminders Based On Your WiFi

Imagine a situation when you reach your office, and your phone automatically reminds you to submit those reports and complete that project. Or when you enter your home and then your...

Make Your New Year’s Resolution a Success With These Apps!

It's been almost a week since the arrival of the new year, and even though deep inside we all know that...
hermit lite apps

How To Replace 53 Apps With 1 App And Save Battery

  I guess that many of them after reading the title of this post may have thought that it is about some of those apps that claim to save your battery and...
developer options android

8 Developer options You Should Use If You Are A True Android Enthusiast

 Android as simple an operating system it is for normal users, for people who decide to explore it further, it provides endless capabilities.  It literally has limitless customization options and with new...
Android Tricks

Android Tricks To Try Out Right Now [2017]

Android tricks are always useful to learn and might help you in using your phone in many ways besides just calling and texting. You might have read a lot of Android...
android screen hide

How To Hide Your Screen When Someone Is Peeking

Privacy is one of the primary concern these days.   Especially in the era of smartphones where everyone is having a lot of personal information stored on their phone, it could get challenging...

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