The two most important aspects of any electronic gadget in the current technological world are battery and storage.
You can argue as much as you want, but at the end of the day we all run out of battery and storage, and power banks and external hard disks are way too pricey and too big and cumbersome to carry around.
What if you have a single gadget which is cool enough to charge any of your USB supported electronic device, be it your iPhone, Android phones, Bluetooth headset or speaker or even your camera and also has a storage capacity of 16GB and best of all is portable enough to carry it in your pocket?
Seems like an awesome dream right? But it is a close reality with the ChargeWrite pen that is to be launched this April you can now carry a pen that can charge all of your devices and also comes with a stylus and a screen cleaner!
ChargeWrite, which is priced at 29$/1900RS, is surprisingly cheap for the features it offers.
It comes with a 1000Mah Rechargeable battery which can be charged using a USB port or standard conventional charging and also a storage space of 16GB built in.

Features of ChargeWrite

You can use ChargeWrite as a portable power bank, and with its state of the art universal smartphone tip, you can charge any kind of device with a USB port with it like your iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung or even your Bluetooth devices.
With a battery size of 1000Mah, it promises a talk time of up to 5hours in 3G and 4hours of internet usage and video playback in 3G and WiFi. You just need to charge it for 1hour to reach 100% and it will then last for 4 days.
It also comes with a storage of 16GB which means you can also use it to carry your necessary files or videos with ease and connect anywhere to share it.
Additionally, the ChargeWrite pen comes with a stylus that can be used on supported smartphones and touchscreen computers and laptops and also has a screen cleaner which comes in handy sometimes. And of course, you can use it as an ordinary blue ballpoint pen.
Since it is very lightweight and extremely portable, you can charge your phones or other electronic devices while using them on the go.
It also comes with a blue indicator which flashes while you are charging it and becomes stationary once the pen has entirely charged making it easy for you to notice.
The ChargeWrite pen currently ships worldwide and is expected to be dispatched immediately to the first 500 customers who order it.
You can watch the commercial of ChargeWrite and then order it here!

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