Facebook has been making a quite a few modifications to its website and apps lately. With the video ads and a new tab for videos along with reacting to sent and received messages on its messaging platform Facebook Messenger, a recent change Facebook has made to its social network is the ability to react to comments on a photo, video or a status.
With this feature, you may no longer have to show your love or hatred towards a particular comment on your favorite pic or video, just react a heart or a angry face to the comment just like you do for the pictures on Facebook. 
This is a welcome move by Facebook and it is also expected to save the time of the users who would rather show their emotions through the several reactions instead of typing several paragraphs to roast someone who has a different opinion than theirs.
You can react to the comments or reply comments just like you do for other posts in Facebook just hover your mouse over the like comment option in the website or long press it on the app to react.
Happy reacting!

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