Facebook with its recent decision of placing ads on popular videos has been concentrating on ways to make its massive user base to view as many videos as they can. In an attempt to achieve that Facebook has been constantly adding various features to its app. 
Last week Facebook introduced the option to view its videos in a picture in picture mode wherein you can play the video in the background and perform other tasks. We also got a feature to save the videos to watch them later and unskippable ads played during the middle of a video.
This week, Facebook has added a yet another new feature to its Android app, a separate tab for videos. This videos tab is now placed alongside you newsfeed and friends tab which could be accessed by swiping to the right.
It only displays the popular videos and videos from your friends and the pages you have liked. Though it may seem useful and time-consuming to find all videos at a single place, It won’t be much efficient till Facebook exclusively shows videos only in this tab of their app.
Because currently the videos you see in the videos tab also appears in your main newsfeed thus cluttering your newsfeed with videos you have already watched.
So, unless Facebook makes the videos tabs exclusive it doesn’t seem much of an innovation rather than an attempt to tempt its users to watch more videos by which Facebook can make more money.

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