Youtube is a popular video sharing and uploading platform we all know about it, and it growing humongous with thousands of videos being watched and uploaded every minute or even seconds. Some of them even spend an average amount of time on the internet watching videos on Youtube.
It has been a long time since Youtube has become a content marketing platform and many individuals who call them Youtubers have become successful by creating Youtube videos on various famous and unique niches. 
Thanks to the simple and easy to setup ad monetization program on Youtube, if you have enough subscribers and generate enough views on your videos, you could generate a significant amount of money, and many famous Youtubers with millions of subscribers even make their living out of the ad revenue generated from Youtube.
Here is an easy way how you can find how much these Youtube celebrities make every day, month and year and I promise you that you would be shocked after you know the answer.
First Install this app from Play store and then open it.
Now the app is for yours to play, you can search for any popular Youtuber, and the app will return the big figure they are making by estimating it based on their subscribers and the ratio of the comments and the views their videos get.
Here are some examples of most popular Youtubers like Pewdiepie, iisuperwomanii and MKBHD in the meantime to keep you shell shocked.
While us, the viewers are innocently watching videos on Youtube, there are people out there making money literally while we spend our time.

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