I guess that many of them after reading the title of this post may have thought that it is about some of those apps that claim to save your battery and improve the performance of your phone but in reality they just deplete them.  No, this is not one of those posts.

But I can promise you that at the end of this post you will actually be able to save the battery and improve the performance of the precious thing on your hand or right now on the table or somewhere.

Read on…

What the app does
The mechanism of this app while seem rather simpler on the user frontier I must assume that the developers should have put a lot of effort for creating this wonder because as the name suggests it creates lite apps and also makes the work of the users lite.
The home screen of this app offers a plethora of the most popular apps on the market and it allows you to create a lite version of them. Once you select the app it then instantly creates the liter version and adds a shortcut to your desktop.
From then on you can access the app from that shortcut and you can see no difference between this and the original app except for the improvement in the battery and performance of your device!
The app claims to tightly integrate with your system and I have to say that it does the exact thing. It could be accessed from the recent apps menu it could be configured for notifications and it even has inbuilt ad block and no track features!

How to use it

As I already said creating lite apps using Hermit is a very simple process just like trump winning the elections! J.K Rowling to the instructions… 
First you can select any one of the provided apps from the homepage and then proceed to create a new lite app or if you can’t find the app you are looking for which I am sure will not happen as they have a vast number of apps you can paste or enter your desired URL and then create one.

Here are some of the screenshots of the app.


Once the lite app is ready you can access it from the shortcut on your desktop and then use it like you any other normal app except this occupies much less space and consumes a negligible amount of your precious percentage.

Inside the lite app you can access the settings menu from the right side where you can find useful options like ad block, do not track, notifications and full-screen support. Hell, it even allows you customize the action bar to your favorite color!
Yeah, you read that right.
When can it be used
The complete idea of this app is to replace or substitute those memory eating apps which seem like 40-50 MB while downloading but take their freedom to occupy around 300-400 MB of your valuable storage.
So feel free to replace that memory and battery hungry apps with the lite apps provided by the hermit and trust me you won’t regret it!
Bottom line
If you got a phone with a very less internal memory(yes people still use them) or you do not want your phone to die before your girlfriend(if that exists) calls you but you still want to use Facebook or Twitter in the meantime, give it a go.


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