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Remember those annoying ads that interrupt you from watching your favorite videos on YouTube? Well, get ready to be annoyed more because now these ads are coming to the place where half the world resides at all times, Facebook.

Facebook has been testing video ads for a long time, and according to a recent blog post from the Facebook media, it is evident that you may soon start to see ads while you are watching a video in your Facebook Android or iOS app and on the Facebook website. This means that ads that are intrusive and ads that cannot be skipped.

These ads will also be added to popular live videos according to the blog. Ad breaks, as they are called, will appear at regular time intervals like every 15-30 seconds based upon the user choice, and only it will only appear in live videos of those users who have 2000 or more followers, and their last live video has got 300+ concurrent views.

Facebook says that each of these ad breaks may last up to a maximum of 20 seconds during which the user of the live video could make money based on the number of viewers currently watching the video. This may be annoying for several of the users of Facebook, but it is still a benefit for users with a lot of followers as they can make money out of their content.

This new change will also motivate people using Facebook to make more content and share it with their audience making Facebook a better platform than ever before for publishers, advertisers and ultimately the users. Currently, these ad breaks are available only for broadcasters from the US, but it is expected to be expanded to more regions soon.

Now, Facebook is also testing the ad breaks on videos uploaded by users from the US and they can also add these to their existing video libraries. You may also sign up for this program to beta test the ad breaks in your videos.

Good or not, this new ad break feature is definitely going to annoy more users of Facebook soon enough, and they may start leaving for a better alternative if Facebook doesn’t play its game right.


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