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App lock feature of Android might probably be one the most ideal option to secure your Android device. It automatically locks all your apps and even some system settings and functions once you lock your phone.

By this way you cannot open an app on your phone or modify a system setting unless you enter the master password or pattern.

As Android smartphones have evolved, the App lock apps are also evolved and they come with a lot of interesting new features now.

These include, fingerprint unlock, location unlock, time unlock and even intruder selfie which takes a picture when someone enters a wrong password without them knowing.

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So, here is how to make use of the location lock feature of App lock app by DoMobile, the most downloaded App lock app in the Google Play Store with over 300 Million users to automatically lock your apps once you leave your home.

How To App Lock Automatically When You Leave Home

Step 1:

Download and Install App Lock app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2:

Now open the app and draw an unlock pattern and enter your mail id to complete the initial setup.

app lock

Step 3:

Now click on the Location lock option at the bottom tab and select the add button to setup the Location lock feature.

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Step 4:

You have to now select the WiFi network of your home.

app lock

Step 5:

Now select the Near Operation and then select Unlock all to have all the app installed on your phone to stay unlocked as long as you are connected to your home WiFi network.

app lock

Step 6:

Now select Away operation and then select all the settings and app you want to be locked as soon as you leave your Home WiFi network.

Step 7:

Now give the new profile a name by tapping on the text box at the top and save the profile.

Step 8:

Select the A profile now at the Away operation to activate it.

Step 9:

That’s it. Your location lock is now active and as soon as you leave your home WiFi network all of your selected apps and settings will be locked.

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You have to enter the pattern or use your fingerprint to bypass the lock. Don’t worry if someone else tries to bypass your app lock, the app will automatically take an Intruder selfie and will show it to you next time you open the app.

You can enable the Intruder selfie option by going to chambers option at the top. The app will now show you a warning next time you open it.

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