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How to block ads in Android from everywhere without root

While ads in Android apps and services are the primary source of income and revenue for most developers, sometimes they might ruin the user...
installing new apps

Can you use your Android phone without installing new apps?

Android phones are getting increasingly powerful every year and a lot of new phones even come with more RAM capacity than most laptops or PC. But does your Android phone really need to be...
Android features

10 Useful Android features removed from newer versions

Android has definitely evolved a lot over the past decade and with over a billion active devices and millions of devices being activated every day, it is not going anywhere anytime soon. While the latest...
wallpaper android

5 Wallpaper apps for Android with Unique HD wallpapers 2019

A wallpaper is a best and a simple way to give your Android device a fresh and a unique look. But finding the perfect wallpaper that suits your device and your taste might be...
Android Trojan

Android Trojan steals money from PayPal even with 2FA enabled

A new Android Trojan has been discovered by security researches at ESET, an IT Security company, which is capable of tricking users into transferring money from their Paypal account through the official PayPal app...
VPN Android

5 Best free VPN Android apps for private browsing 2019

If you are in India, you are probably aware of the new rule which has made all the major telecom operators to block their users from accessing some of the popular...

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